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Idaho Chapter Of Heritage Artists
The Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists (ICHA) is a community based non-profit organization working to promote decorative painting to the public by sharing ideas, techniques, and our love of painting. We are part of the Society of Decorative Painters headquartered in Wichita Kansas.  Our Boise Chapter is the only one in Idaho.  We have a long history starting with the first meeting held during a blizzard in January 1981, when 22 devoted, curious, or just plain foolish painters got together to organize a Painting Chapter in the Boise, Idaho area.  The official Charter was awarded at the National Convention in 1982 in San Francisco.  We are 64 members strong!!
We invite you to attend a meeting and learn about the joys of decorative painting and the friendships you will form while sharing our passion for decorative art.  Our chapter is open to all painters, novice to expert. First time painters will find a wealth of information, encouragement, and talent to draw from and the expert will find artists to share ideas and excitement of the art form. 
ICHA holds 9 meetings per year with paint-ins following each meeting. The paint-in consists of a project or technique taught by one of our talented members.  We meet a 10th time on the first Saturday of December for our Christmas Party.

 A few things have not changed as the Chapter has grown:

  • The annual birthday party for the Chapter is celebrated in January
  • An ornament exchange is held in December at the Christmas party
  • New painters are always welcome to join the Chapter
  • New and Old painters continue to learn from each other.


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Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists
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